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The SST Advantage:

Affordable Cyber Security Solution

The solution is two-fold: Cyber security services and tools; Management of assets is key to ensuring your organization avoid data breaches or compromises. SST Cyber Security Services provides an assessment that allows your organization to know how well your assets are managed.  Follow-on services will allow your organization to know its security posture at any time; SST Cyber Security service/tools are effectively customized for your organization’s cyber security needs and protections at affordable rates.  Solutions include cutting-edge cyber security awareness training and disaster recovery services.


Determination of Your Information/Cyber Security Gaps

SST, a managed security services provider (MSSP), will conduct a thorough risk assessment of your organization’s information/cyber security system.  The assessment begins with determining how well your assets are managed. For organizations with recommended/mandated security guidelines and requirements, our assessments are based on the specific guidelines.  For all other organizations, the assessments are based on combination of industry recommended risk management frameworks for an efficient, effective, affordable and tailored approached.  Your Organization will maintain Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability for all applicable systems.


What Will Be Determined?

The end result of the initial assessment is ensuring your assets are adequately managed to withstand current threats. Follow on services will determine the Current Security Posture (CSP) and Recommended Security Category (RSC) for your organization. This is the first step in building a tailored solution that will protect your organization and assets. Please contact us to schedule a free consultation.



SST gives you the benefit to skip steps you do not require.

  1. To schedule a free consultation please call 240-770-2097 or send us an email at contact@secsofttech.com
  1. SST will conduct an assessment of how well your assets are managed and/or risks assessments of your information systems and cyber-security systems.
  1. SST will give you a report on your current security posture and recommended security category.
  1. SST will provide a tailored solution to protect your information and cyber security systems.