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Cyber Security Solution

Affordable Cyber Security services and tools for Organizations

Here is the Problem:

As long as you are connected to the internet on any of your devices you are open to an attack. Everyday there is a growth in threat to your connected device.

  • Increasing cyber-attacks on all of your connected devicesPhones, Tablets, Desktops and Servers
  • Increasing access points on all your connected devices for cyber-attackers to have accessEmails, Videos, Software / Apps, Cloud storage, Internet, Insider threat, Cyber Espionage, Social Engineering
  • Decreasing workforce to protect your Information Technology (IT) assets- Too many new and sophisticated threats and too few skilled cyber security professionals 
  • Flat to down IT/IS Budgets – Protecting IT assets/ data / personal identity info, does not receive the priority funding required


Here are the Statistics:

In today’s digital world there is growth in the following areas: Information; devices; software; cloud; outsourcing; and threats. Recent statistics indicate:

  • 15 Billion Connected devices in year 2015. By 2020 the estimated number will be 100 Billion
  • 400,000 Unique malware samples are discovered weekly
  • 83% of organizations are hit by Advanced Persistent Threats (APT)
  • 8 months on average before a victim is aware of an advanced threat on their network
  • Top 15 Cyber Threats in 2015– Web based attacks, Web application attacks, Botnets, Denial of Service (Do S), Theft /Loss, Insider Threat, Phishing, Spam, Exploits Kits, Data Breaches, Identity Theft, Information Leakage, Ransomware, Cyber Espionage
  • Key Challenges – Business, Technology, Workforce, Legal, Regulatory and Compliance